Who we are

We are a mission driven organization

Chude and Ego Foundation is a Nigerian based non-profit, duly registered and operating from Nigeria. We are a non-profit that seeks to empower low-income communities in Nigeria by providing access to quality education and healthcare.

We understand inequity and lack of access to basic conveniences that support low-income communities’ wholesome lives. However, we believe that access to quality education, good healthcare, opportunities, and information provides a level playing field for young people and families in low-income communities. Our goal is to empower individuals who will rise above economic and social barriers to thrive and build sustainable communities around them.

Our mission is to provide a fair chance where individuals can become their very best. We are passionate about changing lives one community at a time.

Mission and Values

Our Mission

We are intentional about working with economically disadvantaged communities by providing access to quality education and healthcare. We seek meaningful impact by working alongside partner communities.

Our Values


In working with partner communities, our vision is to listen to the members of the community while providing resources needed for lasting change. Partner communities are important to change any continued narrative within any socio-economic disadvantaged communities.


Change begins when access is given to all gender, especially in a developing economy like Nigeria, we are serious about fostering equality through equal access to education and healthcare resources. We firmly believe lasting change happens through uplifting the most marginalized members of the community.

Integrity and Transparency

Our stakeholders are essential to how we approach transparency. We value the importance of uncompromising values and principles for advancing our communities. We affirm the importance of showing our impact on partner communities through yearly online reports, newsletters, and online updates essential to our uncompromising stance on integrity and transparency.


While transformation begins with a single individual, no change happens to a community in isolation. Therefore, we are committed to driving transformative change in education and healthcare that enhances the quality of life in partner communities, knowing that making a meaningful impact in communities requires collaboration with community members.



Build and maintain independent free schools and hospitals in partner communities to ensure that economically disadvantaged children have access to quality education.

The Chude and Ego Story

“Chude and Ego foundation is a legacy project in our name by our children. They thought it wise to establish this foundation shortly after their father, my late husband died sometime in January 2021.” Ego Okpala

Nze Chude Okpala was a fine banker, a dutiful father and a hardworking professional. His many years of dedicated service at First Bank Nigeria with the inspectorate department must have robbed off on all his children. Today, they are shining lights is all their endeavors, all six of them.

I am a retired teacher. I taught Agricultural science. I like to grow and nurture things. I find this foundation an extension of this love for development and fruition, the sheer ability to ensure a fertile environment to nurture and grow the possibilities of a seed. Chude and Ego foundation is providing access to quality education and enduring social amenities to low-income communities, starting with our hometown.

We hail from Awarasi in Uga, Anambra state. There are 9 clans that make up the Uga community. We are fondly called Uga’ntutuakwu Ebe tehete Eriri Ezuohia. Uga community is known for choice palm fruits and palm wine.

However, at the center of this slowly thriving community, the foundation is proposing a school- the OSNON academy, a free boarding house school with world-class standards.

In time, Uga community would be known for churning out choice professionals, scholarly minds and exemplary leaders that would make positive impact in Nigeria and the world at large.

Who wouldn’t be proud of such exemplary children?

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