From the Heart of Chude and Ego

This year, a dream bloomed and we built a school! We saw Osnon Academy open its doors, not just as a school, but as a springboard for hope and possibility in our partner community. Witnessing lives transformed, families uplifted, and entire communities taking a vibrant step forward has been the greatest reward of 2023.
Chude and Ego was born from a simple belief: that education, healthcare, opportunity, and knowledge can level the playing field for those facing economic and social hurdles. We strive to empower individuals to rise above, leaving behind barriers and building thriving communities in their wake. We dream of a world where everyone has a fair chance to shine, to become their truest selves. This passion fuels our mission – changing lives, one community at a time.
2023 has been a whirlwind of progress, thanks to the incredible support of our donors and board members. Witnessing our initiatives blossom has filled us with immense gratitude, and we eagerly look towards 2024. We envision expanding our reach, forging crucial partnerships, and doubling down on

our commitment to economically disadvantaged communities, providing transformative access to education and healthcare. Some focus areas for 2024 include;

  • Raising awareness for autism and connecting needed support
  • University scholarship program
  • Community outreach

Meaningful impact, hand in hand with our partner communities – that’s the true north of our journey. As we celebrate all we’ve achieved this year, we share our warmest wishes for an extraordinary 2024, where your own dreams may take flight.

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